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Bien dormir et bien manger dans un cadre naturel

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Welcome to our website ! Come and join us in the land of pioneers...

We are located in the heart of Corrèze, in the central part of France. 
We welcome any and all travelers for a good meal, a great room or log cabin and rest in the middle of France's "natural state".
If you are in the area on holiday, classes or work, our welcome is always warm and hearty !

Welcome to our wooden resort! We serve a single menu, family-style, in a fun atmosphere! Bob and Nolan provide entertainment in the evenings or for special occasions and if you are in the mood, some line dancing for those of you who have boots!

Join Bob, Sheri and family today!

Colorado SARL
Tél/fax: 05-55-93-22-87
Route de Lapleau - Le Goutal
19300 Rosiers d'Egletons